“I’m Very Excited About the MyoVista”

Doctor Richard J. Gray, Cardiologist and Medical Director for the Tyler Heart Institute in Monterey, California is on the board of directors of Heart Test Labs and an active advisor in the development of the MyoVista because he believes better screening tools are needed for the early detection of heart disease.

“It Took Months and Many Tests to Reach a Diagnosis”

Ron Womack, a participant in MyoVista field research, said when he went to the Emergency Room complaining of chest pains Christmas Eve two years ago the ER doctor said his ECG looked normal and sent him home with advice to follow up with a cardiologist. More than a month later, after stress ECG, Echo-Cardiogram and finally an invasive angiogram, he was ultimately diagnosed with severe blockage of his coronary arteries that required a quintuple bypass.


“There is a Diagnostic Gap”

Dr. James Terry, diplomat of The American Academy of Family Physicians, believes that it continues to be difficult to assess asymptomatic patients for heart disease. He believes there is a diagnostic gap between the general practitioner and cardiologists.